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Overhaul procedure

KB Sax - saxophone overhaul procedure

Our Overhaul includes the following:

  1. The horn is completely disassembled and all parts cleaned thoroughly.

  2. Body tube is checked for straightness and corrected if necessary.  

  3. Small dings and dents are removed. If additional dent work is necessary, an extra charge will be added based on the hourly shop rate.

  4. Tone holes are checked and leveled. This is done with minimum filing.

  5. Pad cups are checked and leveled.

  6. All excess play is removed from keys and hinge rods to obtain perfect fit, yet allow for free movement.

  7. New pads and resonators are installed. We stock a variety of pads (including Pisoni Pro) as well as various types of resonators in both plastic and metal.

  8. New cork and felt are installed. Springs are replaced if needed. 

  9. New neck cork is installed.

  10. The fit of the neck tenon to tenon receiver is checked and corrected if necessary.

  11. The key height is set as per customer's preference.

  12. The horn is thoroughly play tested and dialed in as necessary.



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