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Selmer Mark VI alto sax 894xx stripped original

Selmer Mark VI

Alto sax #89,4xx

Stripped original

American assembled & engraved

$ 6,500

When we acquired this 1960 Mark VI alto a while back, the previous owner told us that he had the remaining original lacquer stripped off since he liked the "golden" look better. The horn appears to have been gently hand buffed at the most - the engraving is as sharp as an original, as well as the "Mark VI" insignia on the bell-bottom bow ring.

The horn has a recent repad in it and it feels wonderful to play! It is just a hair on the bright side of the neutral and has really cool "zippy" quickness and resonant quality to the sound without ever feeling too bright. There is a good amount of mid-tone warmth to make it sound full bodied and complex yet snappy, centered point and "sizzle" when you lean into it. The intonation is great and the scale is very smooth from top to bottom.

Great 5-digit with a setup that will last for a long time.

If you have any questions about this horn, please feel free to give us a call at 212-683-2985 or email us at info@kbsax.com.

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