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We are a pro Saxophone Repair shop in New York City

1 subway stop from Midtown Manhattan
We Buy and Sell saxophones
Free shipping on all our saxophones to the Contiguous US
Large collection of vintage Selmer saxophones in stock
We take pride in the quality of our Repair Services
We back all our Overhauls with a One-year limited warranty

We are an Official Authorized Dealer of:
** 2018 Thanksgiving **
We will be CLOSED from
Nov 21 to 24.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Mon Closed
Tue 11 am - 5 pm
Wed 11 am - 5 pm
Thur 11 am - 5 pm
Fri 11 am - 5 pm
Sat 11 am - 5 pm
Sun Closed

Email: info@kbsax.com
Tel: 212-683-2985

  KB Sax Handcrafted Saxophone Necks

Inspired by the resonant, colorful sound and the tonal flexibility of the legendary Selmer saxophones,

the Super Balanced Action and the early Mark VI.     Learn More

Ravi Coltrane endorser KB Sax handcrafted saxophone neck Redwood on Selmer SBA
Bob Sheppard endorser KB Sax handcrafted saxophone neck Redwood brass
Jerry Bergonzi endorser KB Sax handcrafted saxophone neck Redwood brass on early Mark VI
Joe Lovano endorser KB Sax handcrafted saxophone necks Redwood copper on Borgani and Redwood brass on Selmer SBA
Ravi Coltrane
Bob Sheppard
Jerry Bergonzi
Joe Lovano
“Wow! Great neck. It blows away my SBA necks and it is a step up from the #6 prototype – tonally very happy with it.”

Redwood brass &
Vanguard brass on
Selmer SBA
“When you first play the KB Sax handcrafted neck, the feeling is liberating. There is a striking improvement in overall dynamic range, evenness of response and tonal flexibility. Kim Bock's design and creation has taken one giant step for the saxophone.”

Redwood bronze on
early Selmer Mark VI &
Redwood brass on
Selmer SBA
“It has the immediacy of response that I look for with a richness of all the overtones ringing!”

Redwood HH copper
& Vanguard HH copper
on early Selmer Mark VI
and Radio Improved
"I find the added Buzz, Clarity and Dynamic range the KB Sax 'Redwood' Handcrafted Necks gives me a New Vibration in the body of my various horns. Try one and you'll feel what I mean!!!"

Redwood HH copper
on Borgani &
Selmer SBA

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  About KB

Kim Bock - KB Saxophone Services KB Sax

Kim Bock (KB) opened the sax shop KB Saxophone Services in New York City in 2010.

Since Kim himself is an accomplished sax player, he possesses a deep understanding of the instrument from a player's perspective.

He is very passionate about saxophones and committed to bring out the maximum potential of each horn.

You can learn more about Kim at www.kimbock.com.


Some of our repair clients include:

  • Ben Wendel
  • Branford Marsalis
  • Casey Benjamin
  • Chris Cheek
  • Colin Stetson
  • Craig Handy
  • Donny Mccaslin
  • Grant Steward
  • Jim Snidero
  • Joe Lovano
  • John Ellis
  • Jon Irabagon
  • Lawrence Feldman
  • Marcus Strickland
  • Ravi Coltrane
  • Roger Rosenberg
  • Seamus Blake
  • Sharel Cassity
  • Steve Coleman
  • Tia Fuller
  • Wayne Shorter
  • Will Vinson

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